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        K2 Engineering Software and Solutions


Products and services
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Fluids Software

AFT Impulse Waterhammer & Surge Analysis
AFT Impulse Settling Slurries (SSL) Waterhammer Effects
AFT Impulse Pulsation Frequency Analysis 

Analysis software

CAESAR II - Pipe Stress Analysis
FEA Tools for Caesar II

PV Elite vessel and heat exchanger design
NozzlePRO™ for PV Elite® and CAESAR II® 
Vissual Vessel Design
Tank Design, Analysis&Evaluation of Storage Tanks 

Design software

CadWorx Suite Overview
CadWorx 3D Plant
CadWorx Advanced P&ID
CADWorx Design Review

CADWorx® Design Review Professional
CADWorx® Equipment
CADWorx® Structure
OrthoGen® for CADWorx® Plant Professional

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