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FEA Tools for Caesar II

Take Your Piping Analysis to the Next Level! 

With FEATools™ and NozzlePRO™ from Paulin Research Group (PRG), CAESAR II 2016 now offers seamless access to targeted finite element analysis tools. By accessing these applications directly from the main menu, these powerful tools are just a click away!

FEATools and NozzlePRO do not replace CAESAR II but help make your analysis results better by inserting FEA analysis results exactly where they are most needed in your analysis model. This is done automatically with minimal change in your current workflow. 

(To take advantage of these valuable add-ons, they must be purchased and installed separately.)

How It Works
Based on ASME Section VII Division 2 Part 5 and the B31 Piping Codes, FEATools consists of a collection of related programs that you can directly access from the CAESAR II main menu. 

  • FEA Translation - Incorporates FEA into your pipe stress analysis, supplying more applicable FEA-based SIFs and flexibilities (k factors) for branch connections.
  • Results Comparison – Allows you to compare output results from multiple jobs, including values for displacements, forces and moments, restraint forces, and restraint moments.
  • Criticality Index/Evaluator - Analyzes system data, such as number of pressure cycles, system D/T ratio, operating temperatures or pressures, thermal conditions, etc. The evaluator alerts you to areas of concern and recommends if you should be using FEATools to analyze a particular line.
  • NozzlePRO - Opens NozzlePRO, a single-component analysis tool for piping and pressure vessels. Analyze individual nozzles, clips, lugs, saddles or other branch connections. 

See the Benefits

Traditionally, FEA has offered the greatest opportunity to deliver the most accurate analysis results. However, the process can be time-intensive, require great technical expertise, and challenging to incorporate into code-based analysis.

Combining the industry-standard CAESAR II with FEATools allows you to seamlessly incorporate FEA results into your code-based analysis. No fudging and no messing!

Why Now?
The world is changing and “more applicable data” is going to sought out more and more often as clients look to run their facilities for as long and as safely as possible. Using 60 year-old design codes will certainly ensure compliance, but just as you are reading this on a computer screen, why should you be relying on codes and standards designed for hand calcs and slide rules? Create designs that will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in material, work, and equipment repairs, all while building a safer, longer lasting plant.

Learn more about FEATools here.