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Extended Time Simulation (XTS) An AFT Fathom Add-on Module

Extended Time Simulation (XTS) An AFT Fathom Add-on Module

Many design and operating simulation questions can’t be answered without knowing how critical parameters vary over time. Extend your modeling capabilities into the time domain by performing a series of steady-state solutions with variables changing automatically to achieve a dynamic simulation of your system.

The module lets you define a wide range of actions to occur during the time simulation, including:

  • Tank volume and liquid level tracking (predict how long to fill and drain tanks)
  • Pump start/stop and speed variation
  • Valve position changes
  • Control valve setpoint variation

Reporting Features

  • Text and graphical output clearly displays time varying parameters such as:
    • liquid height in tanks
    • flow and pressure in pipes
    • pump operating conditions
    • valve position and more
  • Unique animation feature that dynamically displays time varying parameters along selected flow paths

AFT Fathom Extended Time Simulation Module FAQ's

What kinds of transients can the AFT Fathom XTS Module model?

A wide range, including liquid levels, valve open/close, pump speed changes, relief valve opening and more. Just as important, the AFT Fathom XTS module can model time transients, event transients and inherent transients. Time transients are changes that are specified to occur based on the model time. Event transients, on the other hand, are triggered by an event that occurs in the system. 

Many kinds of events can be used, such as pressure, flow, velocity and liquid level. Inherent transients are changes that occur by the very nature of a system component. 

Two examples would the liquid level change that occurs in a finite reservoir (or tank), while another would be a check valve opening and closing as a result of flow reversals.