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Settling Slurries (SSL) An AFT Fathom Add-on Module

Settling Slurries (SSL) An AFT Fathom Add-on Module

The Settling Slurries Module allows you to accurately account for slurry properties, changing 
concentrations and pump performance so engineers can avoid system failure and 
excessive operational costs. This module has been designed specifically for 
AFT Fathom and can work with new or existing models. 

Popular Functions Include:

  • Predict settling velocity and onset of deposition
  • Prevent plugged pipes and misapplied pumps
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Improve system performance
  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs

The module does the heavy lifting for you:

  • Accommodate a wide range of slurry data
  • Enter properties of solids particles and keep them in a sharable database
  • Display special output reports with im, jm, settling velocity, slurry volume, mass flows and other slurry specific parameters
  • Evaluate multiple design and operating cases using Scenario Manager
  • Generate special slurry system curves, critical to understanding important system velocity limits
  • Use state-of-the-art correlations to predict flow, pressure drop and reduced pump performance when pumping solids
  • De-rate pumps

Modeling Features:

  • Specify Slurries:
    • Basic Water Slurry Input - uses water as the carrier fluid and treats all pipes as isothermal
    • Advanced Slurry Input - use any fluid as the carrier fluid, allow slurry properties to vary among pipes, and allow heat transfer and system energy balance calculation
  • Choose from three slurry calculation methods:
    • Minimal - can be used in the preliminary design phase
    • Simplified - additional information is required and gives a better solution
    • Detailed – (default) provides the most rigorous solution methodology
  • Select excess pressure vs. velocity data to calculate a slurry's M parameter
  • Pump Performance:
    • Choose from two pump slurry de-rating methods
        - ANSI/HI Standard 12.1-12.6-2016 method
        - Warman method
    • Calculate system head loss
    • Generate pump vs. system curves for single or multiple pumps that answer key questions:
        - At what flow will deposition begin?
        - When will increasing head with decreasing flow occur?