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Settling Slurries (SSL) An AFT Impulse Add-on Module

Popular Functions Include:

  • Avoid system failures
  • Prevent plugged pipes and misapplied pumps
  • Improve safety by understanding slurry waterhammer transients
  • Expertly handle slurry system challenges

The module does the heavy lifting for you:

  • Accommodate a wide range of slurry data
  • Predict slurry wavespeed
  • Enter properties of solids particles and keep them in a sharable database
  • Evaluate multiple design and operating cases using Scenario Manager
  • Use state-of-the-art correlations to predict flow and initial pressure distribution to initialize the transient

Modeling Features:

  • Specify Slurries:
    • Basic Water Slurry Input - uses water as the carrier fluid and treats all pipes as isothermal
    • Advanced Slurry Input - use any fluid as the carrier fluid, allow slurry properties to vary among pipes, and allow heat transfer and system energy balance calculation
  • Choose from three slurry calculation methods:
    • Minimal - can be used in the preliminary design phase
    • Simplified - additional information is required and gives a better solution
    • Detailed – (default) provides the most rigorous solution methodology
  • Calculate wavespeed based on properties of carrier liquid and solid particles