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CADWorx® Design Review Professional

CADWorx® Design Review Professional

Discover how you can improve collaboration by utilizing tools for markups, design comments, and model reviews. By using CADWorx Design Review Professional, users are able to create realistic
visualizations and access the intelligent information. The intuitive interface of CADWorx Design Review Professional and its performance-based design makes manipulating and moving around even
the largest models quick and smooth. 

Powerful rendering tools provide settings for color, transparency and model shadows.
With flexible selection sets it is also possible to adjust settings not only for single components, but for line numbers, Xref's, etc. 

All CADWorx model data (component names and descriptions, line numbers, and other plant design data) is easily accessible within CADWorx Design Review. This allows users to easily 

track project progress through visualization of components based on model data. 

Creating informative and stunning animations is simple. Users can create and easily edit animation paths to highlight points of interest and create sharable video files for all project participants. 

CADWorx Design Review allows you to control access to shared CADWorx Design Review files through optional password protection, date limitations, or by removing model intelligence. 

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In addition, CADWorx Design Review Professional also includes the following extended capabilities: 

  • Read Multiple File Formats 
  • Offset, scale and rotate individual files
  • Measurements using Snapping Options 
  • Enhanced Clipping Options 
  • Advanced Model Tree 
  • Search and Filter by Data 
  • Customizing Tooltips 
  • Clipped View and full model annotations
  • Ability to manually or through automated Batch Mode create:
    • IFC Export
    • VUE Export
    • 3D PDF Export
    • Annotations Export 

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