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Paulin Research Group NozzlePRO™ for Intergraph® PV Elite® and CAESAR II®

Paulin Research Group NozzlePRO™ for Intergraph® PV Elite® and CAESAR II® 

NozzlePRO is a standalone solution that enables users to quickly and easily perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of individual pressure vessel and piping components. Engineers can perform FEA without the need for extensive knowledge of FEA modeling or analysis techniques.

NozzlePRO from Paulin Research Group is available for purchase from Intergraph.

Read the product sheet here.

Integrate FEA with CAESAR II and PV Elite
Since NozzlePRO enables FEA results to be seamlessly incorporated within traditional code-based analysis, projects can benefit from the accuracy of FEA and the practicality of code-based analysis. For example, the flexibilities and SIFs analysis results can be easily combined with Intergraph’s CAESAR II or PV Elite to improve the overall analysis of piping systems or vessels so they are neither over- nor under-designed.

Extend Beyond Code-Based Analysis
NozzlePRO can analyze components that fall outside code limits. It can also calculate more accurate maximum allowable loads and stresses. Therefore, it is able to accurately establish consistent safety factors for analysis. These more accurate results lead to improved efficiencies in design and help increase the life span of piping systems and associated equipment. 

Quickly Build Accurate Analysis Models
Component input is quick and straightforward while also allowing customization of the mesh and boundary conditions. For even more accurate evaluation of loads and displacements on the nozzle and in the piping system, users can pipe away from a piping junction on a vessel head or cylinder to evaluate the effect of the thermal expansion on a nozzle. Straight sections, elbows, bends, intersections, and linear restraints may all be included in the nozzle analysis.

Results and Analysis Based on Research
Realistic flexibilities in a nozzle typically result in much lower stresses (higher allowable loads) on nozzles. The original design code SIF values for intersections were derived from work performed in the 1940s by A.R.C. Markl. Most of these experiments were performed on a single-size piping run. All other SIF values were extrapolated from this piping run.

The SIF values in NozzlePRO are based on the testing done by Markl plus many real-world and finite element calculations performed since those original tests. This means NozzlePRO provides the most comprehensive evaluation of SIFs and K-factors for nozzle connections to date.

Industry-specific FEA Analysis
A distinguishing feature of NozzlePRO compared to general purpose FEA solutions is that it performs automated code compliance reports for ASME Section VIII – Division 2 stress categories. This saves you time because there is no need to perform additional post-processing or compliance checks.